It is said that an adoption is like grafting a new branch onto a family tree. Every adoption changes history by creating new family relationships. Integrity Law assists with several varieties of adoption in Florida.

Private Adoptions are usually done by consent of one or both birth parents. In this type of adoption, the birth parent(s) selects the person or couple to adopt the child. The selected adoptive parent(s) will need to have a home study conducted to determine their fitness and ability to care for the child. Private adoptions are a two-step process. First the birth parents’ rights to the child are extinguished in one judicial proceeding. Next, the adoptive parent(s) petitions the court to adopt the child. Financial assistance is sometimes provided by the adoptive parent(s) to the birth parent(s).

Stepparent and Relative adoptions follow a different procedure. These adoptions are an expedited process whereby a stepparent or relative within the third degree of relation to the child petitions the court to adopt. It is a one-step process. The birth parents’ rights are extinguished and the adoption is granted in a single judicial proceeding. Also, the requirement for a home study is usually waived. Sometimes the adoption is contested by one or both birth parents and the adoptive parent must prove to the court that the child should be freed for adoption.

Some children become available to adopt after the State of Florida has stepped in to protect the child from abuse, abandonment or neglect. After the child is freed for adoption by the State, anyone may apply to adopt the child. Besides providing a forever home to a child, there are additional benefits that come with adoption through the dependency and foster care system. These benefits may include health insurance for the child, free public college tuition and monthly stipends. The State also covers the cost of filing and attorney’s fees for the adoptive parents.

It is a high honor for us at Integrity Law to assist individuals and couples of all backgrounds and orientations expand their family. If you are a birth mother seeking solutions, or an individual or couple seeking to expand your family, we can help. Call us today at (904) 224-2100 for your free consultation.