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Personal Injury – Contingency Fee

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Personal Injury – Contingency Fee

Generally, attorneys in personal injury matters receive payment for their services through a contingency fee. “We don’t get paid unless you recover.” The percentage the attorneys receives is not an arbitrary percentage; rather, the Florida Bar, which regulates attorneys, strictly governs a firm’s compensation structure.

In addition to a contingency-based payment, attorneys are likewise entitled to be compensated for any costs associated with the personal injury case. Firms generally advance most all costs so you don’t have any expenses throughout the case as the client. This includes postage, paper, payment for medical records and doctor’s opinions (narratives), as well as advanced costs for filing a lawsuit, depositions and discovery, and experts to name a few.

When retaining a personal injury attorney, your contract (retainer agreement) should specifically lay out the manner in which the attorney will be compensated including percentages and costs. In addition, the Florida Bar requires attorneys in contingency type cases to provide a “Statement of Client Rights” to clients when signing contingency cases.

During your consultation, our office will not only thoroughly explain the nuances of a personal injury matter, but we will also make sure you understand our firm’s compensation structure and will answer any questions you may have concerning a personal injury case. We will always make ourselves available to you throughout the process and will always keep you abreast. The most difficult aspect of a personal injury case is patience, as they can be lengthy, however, we will do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible.

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