There’s a right way and a wrong way of going about a paternity suit. The wrong way is not having proper legal representation during a separation or custody battle. The right way to go about a paternity suit is calling the attorneys from Integrity Law, P.A. to help you every step of the way.

No matter who files the paternity suit, the father or mother, we’ll work with you to ensure you go about the process the right way. Even if a support case was already filed by the Florida Department of Revenue, we’ll help establish your legal rights to and for your children.

Without a court order establishing paternity and timesharing (i.e. visitation), a Father has no rights to see his child, even if the parties have an informal agreement.  In addition, just because the Florida Department of Revenue (“DOR”) places a parent (usually a Father) on child support does not mean that timesharing was established.  In many cases a party will be ordered to pay child support but won’t have visitation rights to his child.

All this can be accomplished with a paternity suit.  The process is similar to a dissolution of marriage except we do not have to divide up property.  Instead, the process focuses solely on timesharing, parental responsibility, and child support.

Either a mother or father can file this type of action.  Our goal at Integrity Law, P.A. is to support you throughout the process.  Just because a case is filed does not mean it has to be litigious.  More often than not parties are able to come to a resolution with little to no court intervention.  If you have questions or concerns please contact us today.



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